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Who we are

Small Business • Faith + Family Focused • Marketing Pros
Who we are

Detail-oriented & integrity-focused

Adly® is a done-for-you ads agency that takes the stress of digital advertising off of your shoulders.

We are led by a husband and wife team based in the Inland Northwest committed to delivering exceptional service, results, and strategies that can rapidly impact the growth of your business.

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Hey, I'm Amber

Co-founder, lead strategist, brand designer, funnel architect
Amber Clay CEO of Adly, in a meeting at Fellow Coworkingplant
On a crusade to reject the status-quo.

I'm a firm believer that there is room for everyone to pursue their own God-given zone of genius—even in a world where "it's all been done already."

I love getting to know why you started your business to begin with and aim to amplify what makes your gift to the marketplace so irresistible.

With over 10 years of Visual Information and marketing experience, I'm the spreadsheet-obsessed-funnel-expert, and probably who you'll interact with the most!

Homeschool Mom of Four — Army Veteran — Musician

Hi, I'm Chris

Co-founder, funnel architect, data scientist, chief growth strategist
Chris Clay, Co-owner of Adlyplant
The multi-passionate entrepreneur.

I'm drawn to building solutions, solving complex problems, exceeding expectations, and having fun along the way.

My obsession with financial independence through entrepreneurship, hard work, and dedication motivates me to help other local business owners & service providers to go all in on their dreams.

I'm the numbers guy, analytics expert, Google ads consultant, and project manager with Adly.

Data Analyst — Dad of Four — REALTOR® — Hugger

What Makes Us Different

Boutique Approach

Unlike a large agency, we take on a smaller number of high-caliber clients per month and provide them with exceptional, tailored, intentional service.

For the mostly small and medium sized businesses we help, we're a worthwhile investment because:

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We actually care about you and your business
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We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach
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We place value & service before profit

Onboarding Process

Our proprietary onboarding process leaves nothing to chance. We go beyond the delivery of other agencies and coach our clients in positioning their brand; we dial in on who their clients are and who they want to reach; what's gone well and what hasn't; we help guide them on the social media strategy that they'll need to employ and the content that they need to create in their videos.

Gathering Results

Most of the clients that come to us have a history of proven sales and offers. Ads are not a magic wand that will do the heavy lifting of making sales right away—it only amplifies what is or is not already working. While you can certainly test new offers with ads, it is only beneficial for your bottom line if you are already serving paying clients and are wanting to scale to new audiences.

The data builds on itself month by month. Ads work is not an overnight job, so rather than a "set it and forget it" approach, we want to work with our clients for at least three to six months to make sure that we get results.

Brand Story

As a done-for-you ads agency, we often will do the work of building funnels and putting together the marketing pieces that are required for our client to have a very successful ad campaign.

An essential part of that work is gaining clarity on your brand story, establishing consistency at every touchpoint your client has with your brand, and building the relationship that will lead to sales.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that you brand will remain cohesive.
the process

What The Process Looks Like

Schedule Your 20-Minute Assessment Call
This first call will help us get to know you, your business, and what bottlenecks you're facing with scaling or getting started in digital advertising.
We Come Up With A Road Map
Depending on where you're at, this can look like scheduling an Ad Account Audit, Set-Up Service, or purchasing ADvisory (DIY Facebook Ads course).
Become A Client
When you're ready & if we're a good fit—we will begin with onboarding, strategizing, launching, and managing your campaigns month after month!