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I. Ads Manager Audit

If you have run Facebook ads before, an Ads Manager Audit is where we start. No matter your experience level or past results, we will find what's working well, if there were missed opportunities, and a blueprint for next steps to take in advertising your business.

👉 Never run ads before? Book an Assessment Call, and walk away with a game plan to implement yourself or hire us to manage.

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Pixel Tracking
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Custom Audiences
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Asset Review
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Campaign Optimization
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Delivered Audit Report
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II. The Alpha Advantage System

Adly's signature ads method is a robust done with you set up service—no ongoing retainer required.

This jam-packed ad system is best for the local service provider who wants to achieve omnipresent visibility for maximum brand awareness and lead generation in their market ... with the flexibility of managing it themselves.

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Brand Awareness
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Tech Integration
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Tracking & Reporting
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60 Day Content Plan
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Strategy Roadmap
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Done With You

III. Ads Management Retainer

You have seen some results from Facebook ads before, or have a proven marketing funnel and history of sales and are now wanting to get started in paid ads. You acknowledge the long-game strategy to marketing you business and are committed to the journey.

For 6-7 figure businesses looking to expand their client base, launch new offers, open new locations, or further scale their company.

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No Campaign Limits
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Alpha Advantage System™
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Ad Creative
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CRM Integration
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Monthly Reporting
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Email Sequence
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Done For You

Ads Manager Audit*

*Or Strategy Session $497
An audit is the perfect starting point for local businesses who have run ads before, or if you're new to ads—start with a strategy session.
Ad Account assessment
Tracking & funnel overview
Missed opportunities evaluation
Tailored recommendations
Findings report
Schedule A Call
If qualified for ongoing ads management, $497 will be credited towards your first month retainer

The Alpha Advantage

The ideal service for local businesses on a budget who need more brand awareness ... like yesterday.
Adly Signature Method
5 Facebook Ad Campaigns Set Up
Minimum $10/day* in ad spend
Weekly KPI report
Meta Pixel Tracking
Custom Audience Building
60-Days of Content Plan
Schedule A Call
*Our set up fee does not include ad spend paid directly to Facebook within Business Manager

Monthly Ads Managment

Price Varies By Business

We will customize a plan that suits the exact needs of your business in addition to our signature Alpha Advantage method.

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